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 I love the beach flyer for a lot of reasons but the main one is simple: All the money I’ve saved. Not only is it 3-5 times cheaper than most electric bikes on the market (yes I’m serious) but the amount of money you save on gas, insurance, car cost and maintenance and parking is huge. Also in most cases its actually faster than a car. Although I only travel at speeds of 15-20 mph on it, because of the ability to split lanes and park anywhere it makes short distance trips actually take less time. And last but not least, it’s great for the environment (and one hell of a conversation starter with hot chicks). I love it!!!  

 For a number of years I owned, researched, and test rode many electric bicycles. But finally the long search for an electric bike that I love, and will actually use every day, came to an end because I bought a BeachFlyer. Before this I had three electric bikes. None of them proved satisfactory, and I lost a lot of money ditching each one. The BeachFlyer changed that. At last a practical and affordable electric bike is here. All of my previous electric bikes were lacking in one way or another. The BeachFlyer lacks nothing. It has every feature necessary to replace a car in the city: a usable light for night riding, a rear rack for carrying things and attaching baskets, a seven-speed gear system that makes it practical to pedal without electric power, a lithium battery, and large tires that make for a comfortable ride. All this combined with a snappy appearance. What else could you want? There are almost no other electric bicycles that have all those features, regardless of price. Certainly, there is nothing anywhere near the cost of the BeachFlyer. All I can say is get this bike. It’s worth every penny of the price. The Earth will thank you, and as a bonus, you’ll have a lot of fun.  

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