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Don’t take your car within a 15+ mile radius when you can cleanly ride an electric bike with pedal assist! Enjoy the breeze, the exercise, and the confidence of knowing that if you want to take a break from pedaling…you can! Simply push the thumb throttle to engage the motor and enjoy the ride. Whether you are cruising with friends, running errands, or coming from a fun day at the beach, the BeachFlyer has you covered!

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Battery: The BeachFlyer comes standard with 36V, 10Ah (360Wh) removable, lightweight Lithium-Ion battery. This battery is integrated directly behind the seat post tube; this keeps the center of gravity low and makes for a more balanced frame. The battery has a 5V 1A output USB port to charge your devices!

Brakes: The BeachFlyer comes with standard disc brakes on the front and rear. Another great feature is the integration between the brakes and the motor. These brakes also come with the additional safety feature of a kill switch – when you apply the brakes, power from the motor will be cut off.

Frame: The BeachFlyer frame is made from 6061 aluminum and designed as rigid cruiser bikes with comfort being a priority. BeachFlyer’s frames are purpose built frames, meaning that they’re made from the ground up to be an electric bike. This translates to better wiring concealment, battery placement and weight distribution. The frame design comes in 19”(43cm) and has an adjustable seat post to accommodate a variety of riders.

Stem:  The BeachFlyer features a Promax stem that is adjustable for all rider heights.

Seat Post:  The BeachFlyer features a Promax seat post with built in shock absorber, combined with a cushion spring seat, to make riding an electric cruiser as comfortable as ever.

Motor: The BeachFlyer is equipped with a 500W geared rear hub motor that propels the BeachFlyer very well. Geared hub motors typically are smaller, lighter and have more torque than direct drive motors. The BeachFlyer’s smooth and quiet motor operates exceptionally well in both throttle and pedal-assist mode.

Drive Modes: The BeachFlyer has two drive modes: pedal-assist and throttle. Each mode has its own power settings so you can set exactly which setting you prefer. Pedal-assist couples your power with the power of the motor. The pedelec sensor senses that you’re pedaling and responds by giving a boost to the rear wheel. The BeachFlyer does this well, providing ample power with the boost being noticeable but not overbearing. It also comes standard with throttle mode. This is controlled via the ergonomic thumb lever on the right side of the handle bars. The BeachFlyer can also be ridden like a regular bicycle with no electric assistance at all.

Display: The BeachFlyer comes standard with an easy-to-use LCD screen displaying speed, mileage (both odometer and tripmeter), battery voltage with graphic indicator, riding time, and the level of pedal assist selected. The BeachFlyer’s display allows you to choose from six levels of pedal-assistance, and a throttle mode.

Top Speed: The BeachFlyer top speed in throttle mode is 20 mph. However, it is possible to go faster by pedaling.

Drivetrain: The BeachFlyer comes standard with 7 speeds utilizing Shimano Cassette 11-32T and a Shimano Tourney 7s SL-TX50-7R/RD-TX55GD rear derailleur. It features a trigger shifter on the right side of the handlebars that makes shifting quick and effortless.

Range: The BeachFlyer has a range of up to 37 miles with normal pedaling, and 18 miles in throttle only mode. Range will always vary depending on use of the throttle, the pedal assist setting, how hard you pedal, the type of terrain, and the rider’s weight.

Tires: The BeachFlyer comes standard with oversized Kenda 26”x2.35” tires. The Kenda tires are wide and comfortable cruising tires with a light tread for wicking water and a high side wall for a smooth cushioned ride.

Color: The BeachFlyer is currently only available in Black.

Max Load: The BeachFlyer has a rider weight limit of 250 pounds.

Warranty: The BeachFlyer has a one year all-around warranty covering all electrical components and the frame components.

Accessories: This bike comes standard with a wide variety of quality accessories such as stylish cushioned leather grips, front and rear reflectors, spring loaded rear rack, adjustable kickstand and matching chain guard.