Electric Beach Cruisers, LLC began in 2014 with Cory Shumaker, Electrical Engineer and MBA, who had the idea that electric bicycles can be stylish and affordable. Prior to starting Electric Beach Cruisers, LLC, Cory was the Chief Electrical Engineer for a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle company named Vision Motor Corporation. He was the principal engineer behind building the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell electric Class 8 truck, called the Tyrano. Cory’s mindset of providing a comfortable, fun, stylish, and affordable electric bike became the mindset of our company with the mission to provide every person with the joy and freedom of electric mobility. We strive to provide the best electric beach cruiser at a reasonable price with excellent customer service. We believe that every customer should be treated as a friend in need.

Cory spent over two years testing different commercial electric bike components while beta testing a design of his own. It had to be comfortable, fast, inexpensive, visually appealing and above all else, safe. After many iterations the BeachFlyer was born! Now, after 2.5+ years since releasing the first model, the BeachFlyer is in its second generation and better than ever with multiple upgrades from the previous version. Find it in a store near you!

Electric Beach Cruisers, LLC believes in giving back and adopting a philanthropic attitude towards life by contributing 5% of gross revenues to an amazing program called ScholarShop Africa. In short, ScholarShop is an innovative development model that furnishes students in Sub-Saharan Africa with school supplies, leadership skills, and a commitment to public service.